Top of the Morning

I was awoken to the sound of someone knocking on my door. I listened for a minute to try to verify if it was really my door being knocked on. Yes, unfortunately it was. And I’ve learned that they are really persistent. Ignoring them might not be in my best interests. So, in my hearts-as-strawberries pajamas and otherwise mused state I open the door to a person from the management office, a maintenance man, and the upstairs neighborhood. They want to check if my ceiling is still leaking. Nope, not leaking anymore. They discuss among themselves for a moment and I try not to look conspicuous. The management girl says several sentences of which I don’t understand a word. I apologize and tell her that I don’t understand. She nods. They file out. I close the door. Glad that I can be a source of momentary amusement for the inhabitants of the Ivy League Apartment complex. Top of the morning to you all!


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