Testing, Testing!

Coming to you remotely today courtesy of my new iPhone!

Though WordPress is a blocked site in China, some parts of the WordPress app seem to work on smart phones. Sure it won’t last. But I thought I’d take the opportunity to check in!

Today I am off to Guangzhou to see a Chinese traditional dance performance with my good friend Naomi. We bought these tickets so long ago it was a surprise to see that the day had finally arrived! This is also an opportunity to see the inside of the beautiful Guangzhou Opera House.

Unfortunately Naomi and I do not travel alone. We are accompanied by Naomi’s 5-year old daughter–a prime example of the dangers of only-child families. A true little empress. I spent almost a week with this girl in January and feel I just barely managed to restrain myself from doing something that would damage my friendship with Naomi.

Fortunately this will be a short trip. Just overnight. My opportunities for wrongdoing will be limited.

Focus on the positive, yes. Well, I am confident that we will have an excellent lunch once we arrive in Guangzhou. And then probably some shopping. I am interested in buying a cute case or two for my phone. It’s just like people clothes–you wouldn’t want to be seen with the same case twice!


2 thoughts on “Testing, Testing!

  1. Conney Alexander says:

    Amy, So glad to get this message! Just saw a great documentary film called “Walking the Camino”
    about pilgrims walking the 500 miles through Spain to Santiago de Campostelo. Anyway, one woman brought her three year old son on the trip! Maybe she had no choice. But it is amazing how other people’s children rapidly lose their charm (from the bystanders point of view). To the outsiders it becomes “How can we best manage this unpredictable little animal?!”
    Anyway, I wish I could be with you to eat some great food and see the inside of that opera house!
    Uncle Richard and I stir-fried some beef and veg two nights ago and got into quite a discussion about the need to ‘velvet’ the beef strips before cooking.
    Anyway, R crying for his morning paper which I seem to have hid. More soon, Love Aunt CM

    • Hi Aunt Mae! Thanks for the comment! All members of our party survived the trip–success! Pass my greetings along to Uncle Richard. I’m not even going to pretend I know what “velveting” means!

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