Status Report

Hello all! Still alive and well in China-land. Apologies for the sparse blogging. Regrets, etc.

Shockingly enough, we are approaching week 9 here, which is the middle of our semester. Teachers are preparing their mid-term exams and students are sending anxious email queries.

I owe you guys about 50 blogs posts. There are always lots of things I want to share with you, but just get caught up with the day to day. Most blogs start off strong when their writers are in the holy-cow-I’m-in-a-foreign-country stage, but do tend to dwindle as time goes.

I really don’t want my blog to suffer that fate. But there gets to be this tremendous backlog of things you want to write about and suddenly your “fun” writing project seems like a looming term paper. Really kills the joy. So I again am resolving to blog, but aim for shorter posts which will be less intimidating for the writer.

Brief status report would be that all is well. Classes proceed much as they always have. The weather has been mercifully mild up to this point, though humidity has been distressingly high. (We will discuss the growth of mold as time allows.) We have entered the rainy season, nary a sunny day for several weeks. Socially things are comfortable. I have my people and my routines. Generally speaking, life is good!

Plans for next year are unknown. I have applied for a special teaching program and several other jobs as well, but haven’t heard back from anyone yet. (Prayer, please?) If all else fails, I would be welcome to stay here and some days that doesn’t seem like such a terrible thing. I should be home in the summer, but really need some summer work to make it financially feasible. Two months with no work is a quick way to burn through my savings from the rest of the year.

That about sums it up! Promise to deliver some posts about my New Zealand trip and other goings-on here.


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