China, Cultural Differences, University Teaching

Very Mature

In response to an article about the possibly ill-gotten gains of the Chinese Prime Minister’s family, The New York Times is now a blocked website throughout China. This is quite sad as NYT has been my homepage since freshman year at university.

The list of blocked sites seems to grow and grow. I tried to explain why this bothered me so much to some Chinese colleagues, but–can I say–that they just didn’t get it. I tried to reason with them. No media outlet worth a dime is going to publish a story like that if they don’t have solid support for. Helloooo? Libel laws?

Most Chinese acknowledge that corruption is rampant in China and it usually doesn’t surprise them in the least to learn of it. Just don’t write it down anywhere people might read it. Got it, New York Times?

And my students today were telling me about how Chinese are very tolerant. I snorted rather indelicately.

Full article here: China Blocks and Criticizes Investigation into Premier


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