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(Another) Weather Lament

Zhuhai is making me British. British in the sense that I talk about the weather constantly. And just like the Brits, I have just cause because the weather is positively neurotic here. The signals are all switched. What I expect and what I get rarely correspond. Overcast does not mean cool. Rain does not break the humidity. Big winds do not herald storms. Just because it was cool yesterday does not mean it will be cool today. I suppose the California climate spoiled me.

This week took the cake. It started out positively halcyon—beautiful fall weather. I wore cardigans and slacks and was perfectly comfortably. Mid-week—BAM! Humidity leaps back to astronomical heights. Everything in my closet feels damp. No matter what I wear I am a soggy mess in 10 seconds flat.

Friday morning I was so irritated at my students sitting in class with long-sleeve pseudo-leather jackets and skin-tight skins when I’m suffering in a knee-length skirt and the coolest top-shrug combo I could find in my closet. It’s like 8:30 in the morning, yes? I’m dripping. DRIPPING, people. Wipe face. Fan face. Wipe face. Fan face. “Okay, is it just me or does anyone else want to throw themselves in the swimming pool right now?” It took a bit of explanation—that type of question is more than some students can handle—but eventually the class cried “YES!” (Yes, but then why on earth are you wearing what you’re wearing right now?!?!) Nice to know it’s not just me.

Sometimes I really do think it’s just me. The humidity is hard for me; it’s my least favorite thing about living here. Yet many people seem perfectly comfortable, so I know not every ear is sympathetic to my weather laments. But when I reach the level of discomfort I felt Thursday and Friday, I need to reassure myself that I’m not crazy by asking other people if they’re also feeling it.

Saturday was more of the same. I was dressing to go to an outdoor BBQ and no matter what I tried on I felt terrible. Too tight. Too long. Too thick. Realizing it was hopeless because we were going to be outside anyways, I settled on something very unfashionable but loose and breathable. And I still felt disgusting–on several levels–all day. I came home, showered, and parked in front of the air conditioning for the rest of the night.

And today? After three days of miserable humidity and high temperatures? It’s cool. Almost cold. Overnight it becomes fall weather again. I might actually need to get up and close the sliding door because it’s getting a little chilly in here. My legs have goosebumps.

See what I mean?


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