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My Sole Complaint

This week has been a hard one, specifically for my feet. At the moment I have band aids on the back of both ankles, around several toes and scabs across the top of my foot. I have struggled to find anything reasonably professional that does not rub any of my injured areas to wear to class. So I’ve mostly been wearing flip-flops.

I was very careful choosing footwear to bring back to China this time. I understood that I needed extremely comfortable, breathable, yet sturdy and supportive shoes. I needed shoes for teaching. I needed shoes for traveling. I needed shoes for typhoon season. I thought that I brought appropriate footwear for all these specific needs. And yet, one after another, my “perfect” shoes are failing me miserably.

Though I’d made sure to get shoes with plenty of extra room for when the humidity makes my feet swell, apparently it still wasn’t enough. A quick trip out in one particular pair left me with blisters on both ankles. Something about the design of my walking sandals always results in my heel being half-on, half-off the sole. My Crocs that I bought for when it rains are rubbing my toes, leaving me in agony as I mince the whole way from my teaching building to my apartment.

The only reliable footwear I have is my flip-flops. Which everyone says is the worst kind of footwear. What on earth is wrong with my feet? Is it my feet? Or is China trying to tell me something?

Humidity! It’ll be the death of me! Can I get a witness? Anyone? Please?


One thought on “My Sole Complaint

  1. Conney Alexander says:

    Flip-flops are great! When I’m in Hawaii each winter, they are all I wear. Feet need room to breathe. Yeh, the shoe thing is complicated! I just spent a bomb on a type of shoe made in Israel. Brand name “BeautiFeel”. Very cushioned on the inside and gripping soles made of real rubber (not polyurethane as in most sneakers – nor cork – not effective from my experience).
    They feel absolutely great. Just wore them for walking all over Portland this past weekend. And they look good too. Much love, Aunt CM

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