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Away I Go

I spent most of the day up to this point (3 PM) hard at work. Working on what? Travel plans.

Next week is the Chinese National Holiday, which is equivalent to the 4th of July. Yet instead of a mere 3-day weekend, Chinese do it right with a full 8 days of vacation.

Last year, as it was only my fourth week in China, I stayed in Zhuhai the entire time. It is an understatement to say that it was not a very good week. I was not surprised to hear that a freshman student committed suicide last year. Far from home on a deserted campus in an unfamiliar city—who wouldn’t consider it?

This year I was determined to travel. And not just China travel, but international travel. Everyone in China has this week off and everywhere in China will be absolutely smashed as only China can be. Why not take the opportunity to explore Thailand? Malaysia? Indonesia? Don’t mind if I do!

Unfortunately with the busy-ness of the semester starting plan-making got delayed. And delayed. And delayed. The holiday starts for us tomorrow and it was just today that I sat down to make plans. Which means that tickets are scarce and expensive when they are found. My list of possible destinations was being slowly whittled down to nothing.

I found a relatively cheap ticket to Manila and was intrigued by the historical aspects of the city. I was seriously considering it, but I’d really been dreaming more of a lay-on-the-beach vacation that a steamy, populated city trip. A little more digging led me to Boracay, a popular island in the Philippines famous for its white sand beaches. With the additional flight from Manila to Boracay the ticket is not nearly as cheap as I’d hoped, but is still lower than flights to Thailand or Malaysia.

And did I mention that this is a solo trip? Yes, I, Amy Abigail Esther Van Gundy will be traveling alone. Send a search party with coffee if you don’t hear from me in a week.


4 thoughts on “Away I Go

  1. sarahinguangzhou says:

    Yes I think there’s something good about travelling alone. You’re more likely to talk to other people and not just sit with the same person and you can do exactly what you want. Philippines are awesome too.

  2. Meghan Janssen says:

    Ah! Traveling alone can be a little lonely, but it’s also a bit great. Enjoy Boracay. I’ve heard good things.

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