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The Things I Carried

Any trip is certain to result in a number of purchases. Traveling from Hainan to Shanghai to Hangzhou to Suzhou back to Shanghai and finally to Zhuhai meant a lot of opportunities for shopping. Not only was I on the prowl for unique items and future gifts, but also I was resupplying for the spring semester when access to imported goods will be unlikely or very infrequent.

So, the things I carried, starting with the books and working clockwise:

1. Books
2. A National Geographic (English magazines are not available in Zhuhai)
3. Pirated movies and DVDs: the entire LOST show, Downton Abbey, and The Legend of 1900
4. Mini Twix bars (only the 2nd time seen in China)
5. Garlic powder
6. Starbucks Shanghai mug
7. Skor bars
8. Twinnings Vanilla tea
9. Stuffed Cat in distinctive blue and white fabric
10. Drip coffee packets
11. A hanging lucky cat
12. A Chinese seal with my name
13. Another lucky cat
14. Lucky cat earrings (Squee!!)
15. Wooden bracelets
16. Bajillion postcards
17. Special hair thingy for doing updos as seen demonstrated in a Chinese market (only 39 yuan!)

And a closer look at the books I carried.

I reread Atlas Shrugged again on the trip and Brideshead Revisited halfway through. The rest of the books will keep me occupied for the near future.

Reflecting on my packing for the trip I bemoan the items that were lugged everywhere, but never used. These included my ballet flats, my running shoes, my blazer, many assorted toiletry items, a lot of jewelry and decorative hair items. The things I wish I’d brought but didn’t were mainly antibiotic cream and more bandaids. When I cut my toe badly in Hainan I couldn’t find antibiotic cream anywhere. A saleslady trying to be helpful found me a bottle of antibacterial handgel. Well, it might work.

When we checked in at Shanghai airport my bag was over 20 kilos, but I think I will be glad I brought back everything I did!


2 thoughts on “The Things I Carried

  1. Natalie Guardino says:

    It’s by far no comparison, but it reminds me of our trips to Chinatown in SF! It’s so much fun to get back to the hotel, (with aching feet) and unload, step back with hands on hips and say: I done good !;)

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