I’ve been busy. You’ve been busy. In all this busy-ness I have just posted a number of recent photos on Facebook, pictorally explaining my going-ons in the last 6 weeks or so. I carefully captioned these photos so all of the wit and sarcasm you love are in my photo album. So while you are on tenterhooks waiting for my next real blog post, this can be the appetizer.

Link here: Holidays in China

I apologize for the decrease in blogging. That, of course, it in part what I was trying to express in my blog title “Normal” Life. My life in China is both “normal” aka NOT normal, because of the foreign element, but also very normal at the same time. Meaning I get busy and tired too. And it’s honestly quite difficult to express my experiences. Sometimes they are so normal they wouldn’t really make a very interesting blog post. Sometimes complex emotions are involved. Sometimes I don’t know how to describe what’s going on because all of the terms, the places, the names will be so foreign to you that I don’t know if it’s worth explaining. When I babble about cities I’ve visitied I know this means next to nothing for the average person. Guangzhou? Shenzhen? Kaiping? I don’t want to bore you. And it’s not like I knew anything about these things before I came here. So there’s no pride involved. I was as clueless as they come. I had to look for Beijing on a map and then look for Zhuhai. All I can say is China is huge and complex and not very much like how it is portrayed in Western media.

All this to say that I’m finding blogging more difficult lately. But there are still lots of things I want to write about, so don’t despair! Maybe if I had some ideas about what things would interest you? Any specific things you want to know about? Food? Language? Culture? Transportation?


3 thoughts on “Holidaze

  1. Meghan J says:

    Amy! I know exactly what you mean! But be encouraged that, for your readers, everything you do is exotic and fascinating. I would definitely like to read more about the places you visit. And food. And transportation. And basically any of those funny culture-clash moments where something tickles your funny bone but there’s no one around who would understand so you just have to keep it to yourself and hope you’ll have a chance to share it with a like-minded fellow expatriate later. Those are the best.

    • I definitely understand about the funny bone tickling. Have a few such stories I need to share. Can easily write about food, transportation, and travel–thanks for the feedback.
      . . . I miss reading your blog but I guess a break is good. Did you have to give any money to the Sarah Palin PAC?

  2. Margi says:

    Hi Amy. I like everything you write. You have such a flair for the written word, you can make the mundane interesting. And, I must say, nothing you say is mundane anyway. I like hearing about your students, campus life, friends, food, and surprising cultural moments. My students like reading some of it too (the parts I decide to share). You are giving everyone quite an entertaining education. -Margi

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