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Round One Photos

Hello! Hello!

Photos of my first few months are up on Facebook! To have a look, just click here

First group of photos is from a day-trip to Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the capital of my province, Guangdong. It is considered like the LA of China. The old name for it is Canton which should ring some bells for people. Canton, like Cantonese language and Cantonese food. It is a very large city, maybe 12 million people. There is lots to explore there, so I know I will be going back.

Second group of photos are from New Yuan Ming Palace in Zhuhai which is an immitation of the real palace in Beijing. It was a little touristy and over-run the day we chose to visit, but still some enjoyable pictures were taken.

Third group is from a weekend trip to the city of Kaiping. Kaiping is a UNESCO World Heritage for its “dialous” which are these tower-homes built by Chinese who immigrated to other countries and then returned as now-wealthy people. Their homes are a curious combination of East and West as they brought new building materials and decorating ideas home with them. Many of them went to the United States, especially California, both for the Gold Rush and the building of the railroad. The history museum was absolutely fascinating. In addition to the towers and the villlages, the land around Kaiping was just beautiful.

A few links if you’re interested:
UNESCO: Kaiping Dialou & Villages
Wikipedia: Kaiping

I still owe you photos of the univeristy. I’m lazy, I know.


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