China, Weather

Typhoon Season

According to some people it is typhoon season.

I say “according to” because as soon as I learn some piece of information, file it away mentally, and then mention it to someone else, it is then contradicted. In this specific case, both people have lived in this area for a number of years. Who to believe? I don’t know.

Regardless it’s been raining off and on. And I do mean off and on quite literally. One minute completely dry. The next completely drenched.

About two weeks ago there were a few typhoon/tropical storms passing through the area. They rumbled by China and then went on do some major damage in the Philippines. On the most memorable day for me it began raining just before I had to go to class. Though I had an umbrella and boots I was soaked to about mid-thigh by the time I got to class. My students were in similar if not worse condition. I had bought an umbrella just that morning after another downpour episode that fortuitously happened when I was in class.

The typhoons moved on and it’s been relatively cool and dry for the last week or so. Yesterday I felt a few raindrops as I was coming back from class, but didn’t think anything of it. The next time I looked about my window before going to my night class, it was absolutely pouring. Again.

Nothing for it. Though I tried walking on my toes for awhile, I was soaked within a few mintues and just gave up. Just have to slosh throught the streets in inches of water. If I didn’t have to go to class, it could actually be fun. The students in shorts and flip-flops are well dressed for this weather. Me in my teacher apparel, much less so.


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