Market Finds, Gifts and Stir-Fry


3 thoughts on “Market Finds, Gifts and Stir-Fry

  1. Patricia says:

    Your green beans and chicken stir-fry looks very, very yummy. EVen though it’s only 8:30am here right now, I wish I could get a bite.

  2. Anne says:

    Dearest Amis,

    I have to admit I thought you were trying to show us the size of Chinese papaya relative to a book, but the true story of that fruit was even sweeter! 🙂

    I love you 🙂 So glad you are blessed and having a happy time!

    Jenn 🙂

  3. Josiah says:

    Well, Amy, I have to admit–I have seen your fork picture twice now and I’ve laughed both times. I just imagine you out on the street and finding yourself a predicament where you have food but don’t have a utensil. Then–you remember–there’s a fork in your back pocket. *Whew.* I don’t know how people react to your chopstick skills there, but in Japan, I was constantly praised by the teachers.


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