Exploring Possibilities

Well, I am happy to report that some progress is being made on my job hunt.

I reopened my Peace Corps application because I find that the possibility still interests me for a variety of reasons. And the application was SO much work I hate to waste it all. (Not the best reason to go into Peace Corps, I know) The committment time still bothers me a bit though.

Otherwise I have been applying to university positions in China, Korea and Mexico. I had one telephone interview on Tuesday, another tomorrow, and two I need to set up. I actually have an offer from a university in Hong Kong, but because they want a 2-year contract I am leaning more towards declining it. (I can’t BELIEVE I’m thinking of turning down a job)

It is highly gratifying that I am a candidate-of-interest to at least some universities. And my MA seems to be having its uses after all. For awhile there things felt rather bleak.

Now I wonder if I should bother applying for any more positions and worry about how to make a final decision. I’ll admit that I like the idea of being home for the fall, which is something Peace Corps would allow me, but home is so expensive I could burn through all my savings in a number of months. But I hate the idea of coming home and rushing out the door for another year so soon. Argh! Wisdom! I need wisdom!

The job application process is certainly sort of taking over my life. I am sitting at school trying to sort all this stuff out, when I wish I could just enjoy my remaining time in Georgia. I still wish there was some great university job somewhere in Georgia that would allow me to stay here while also making some progress on my loans.

But I was feeling cheerful this morning and just wanted to share my good news with you all!


2 thoughts on “Exploring Possibilities

  1. Cheryl says:

    Glad to hear your job search is improving. I think the economy is easing a bit. A job in Hong Kong sounds exciting! I know that 2 years seems like a long time on this end, but the time will probably fly by, and you would be done before you know it. I cannot believe you are almost done with your time in Georgia.

  2. Peter Van Gundy says:

    Hong Kong!? That’s where I would love to go! It’s the business and cultural hub of all East Asia.

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