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Second Winter

The snow began falling Monday night. It snowed all day Tuesday and most of the day today. Looking at the windows at school today felt almost surreal. Once again a beautiful snow-covered landscape.

I just thought we were done with this.

Prior to this fresh snowfall we had two days of cool, but sunny, weather. I was thrilled and spent as much time outside as possible. I was still wearing about three layers, but it was bearable. However, it did not last. Those two days were followed by two solid weeks of clouds and rain.

Sitting in the kitchen around the stove, incredulously looking at the falling snow, my family cheerfully regaled me with stories of snow in May. Thanks guys. I told my host mother that if it was snowing in May I was going back to California. My host sister walked in on the end of it and worriedly asked me why I was leaving. A laugh all around.

But seriously. Having only California weather as a frame of reference has made me less than patient with this lingering winter. It’s April. The daffodils haven’t even bloomed here yet. They were just about to, but then a bunch of snow fell on them. The only significant difference I have seen between winter and spring so far is I can no longer see my breath in my bedroom and some nights it’s possible to go without my hot water bottles.

Snow is certainly very beautiful. Watching it fall is very enjoyable. Especially when contrary gusts of wind make it appear that the flakes are just floating mid-air. I love how it rounds everything. I understand the attraction. But I am just really ready for some sunshine.

I have been remiss in not posting any snow pictures. I will get on that.


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