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Cold, Round Two


That was how I felt all day yesterday and the feeling continued through today. My cold, which I smugly thought I had put down with massive vitamin C intake, among other things, took a turn for the worse. From a nasty cough it morphed into a something approaching a sinus infection/strep throat.  Or at least that’s what it feels like.

It crept on rather gradually. So I was dismayed last night when I could suddenly hardly swallow. I thought going to bed was the best thing to do, but it ended up being a horrible sleepless night. What my sinuses were producing in the morning decided me. No school. I texted my English teacher and went downstairs to tell my host family.

I felt sort of bad about not going to school. I could probably power through it. That’s what I would usually do. In the last few years with work and grad school, I’ve attended both in far from peak condition. I just felt exhausted and the idea of standing in front of my classes did nothing to energize me. But today, I decided not to push it. I would stay home, sleep, drink fluids, and take vitamin C. Georgia is not the place to be sick for any extended period of time.

I went back to bed and slept/rested for the morning. Grandma Neli, who’d gone to town, got back around 1 and wanted me to come down to eat. Jame, jame. I told her I’d come down in awhile. Not hungry. I went back to contemplating my ceiling.

Sometime after 2 I crawled downstairs and sat on the outside sofa. It was sunny. Amazing. It’s been snowing or overcast for quite a few days. I’d made a brief appearance in the kitchen before coming out, so Neli knew I was up. I was scolded for sitting outside and told to come eat. I wasn’t ravenous, but I felt I should probably eat something. Apparently there was still borscht left. Not real Russian borscht, Georgian cabbage soup, which they call by the same name. Ugh. But better than cheese soup. Cheese soup the smell of which makes my stomach turn over at the slightest whiff. So I ate my soup and ever-present bread and drank my tea. Then I went upstairs to sleep some more.

I feel like I usually have a cold through most of the winter, even in the States. Kleenex are my constant companions. Georgia does not seem to have changed this. Other than that the severity of the cold has increased unpleasantly. Sure hoping that this one tapers off soon.


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