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Georgian Winter: First Thoughts

Snow. Lots of snow. Still a novelty for me. But not so cute when it cuts out the power. And I don’t like the accompanying ice. The stairs to my room are now a hazard that I approach with extreme caution. Already slid down several once. Don’t tell my host family. They’d lock me up downstairs.

I do like taking snow walks. And I like putting my snow gear to the test. Happy to report that my snow boots and pants, and all the warm underlayers, are proving their worth.

Overall doing okay with the temperature. Generally hovers around freezing, a little warmer during the day. With my hot water bottles, I do okay at night. By day, I linger downstairs more and more. Right now I am stubbornly hanging out in my room, under all the covers, with hat, scarf, and fleece on. (I’m not going to go into how many layers of clothing I have on. Guess). The privacy of my room is something I am not eager to forfeit. Even for a stove. Upstairs is quiet; downstairs can be a madhouse. The nameless beast lurks there. You know the one I am talking about.

Today the winter looks bearable. Yesterday I was not so sure. What’s the difference? The power is back on today. It was back on this afternoon after having been off for about 36 hours or so. Since Monday night. It’s Wednesday afternoon. No fun. We’ll just have to see how much the winter weather messes with the power supply.


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