Republic of Georgia, Travel

Georgia, Round Two

A nice thing about traveling to Georgia again is the absence of the fearful and/or excited anticipation that was my constant companion the first time. I more or less know what to expect.

What was not so nice was having to say good-bye to my family and cat for the second time in less than 6 months. Rough, very rough.

The good-bye to my darling cat was the worst. I’m trying to have a meaningful and affectionate leave-taking and she wants nothing to do with me. Eventually I got her to sit on my lap for a few minutes.

Saying good-byes to the family was done in stages. Hugs at the ticket counter. Hugs at the top of the escalator. Hugs before security. Blown kisses when I made it through security and could still see the tall figures of my dad and Jenn. This seemed to catch the eye of the TSA agents, so I blew one last kiss and that was it.

I was surprised at how emotional I felt about leaving. Once it’s done, it’s done. Over it. But the moment of physical separation is always slightly heartbreaking.

The Georgians always asked if I missed my family and I usually could very honestly answer ‘no’. I talked to my mom on a fairly regular basis and with the others on-and-off. And I was generally happy, or at least quite content in Georgia. A little bored on occasion, but that was really the worst it got. Some cultural things were challenging. But, again, at least I more or less know what to expect.

My flight to Chicago was uneventful, all seems a little foggy now. Survived my first long lay-over and finally boarded the flight to Istanbul. Bumped into some other teachers I had met traveling home in December which occupied the rest of the time.

The long flight to Istanbul went by faster than I ever could have anticipated. I did some semi-sleeping, not real sleep, but sort of sleep. Turkish Airlines has this amazing system where every person can control what they want to watch or do. Each seat has a screen and their own remote and there is a vast library of movies and TV shows to choose from. But I was strangely uninterested. I did watch about a movie and a half, but considering I had 11 hours to waste I don’t feel I really took advantage of what I had.

Still have 4 hours to kill before we take the last flight to Georgia. We’ll arrive at 4 in the morning. Trying to figure out why an airline would even offer a flight as such an awful time. It leaves Istanbul at 11:30 and arrives in Georgia at 4. What can possibly be the demand for such a flight? Be interesting to see how full the plane is.

My time home for the holidays was very relaxing. I loved seeing all my friends and family. So awesome to have such wonderful people to come home to. All the SJSU friends. Folks from ALFC. Extended Drury and Van Gundy clans that I got to see. My immediate family, of course. My cat. Loved seeing each and every one of you! Thanks for your interest in what I am doing! I will endeavor to continually inform and entertain you with my exploits in Georgia.

Much love!


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