Family, Republic of Georgia

Brat Attack

I cannot disguise my intense dislike of my host brother. He is disgusting. And a total brat.

I’m sure everyone is thinking, “Come on, Amy. Aren’t you being a little harsh? He’s just a little kid!”

I do not feel that I am overreacting. I have suffered with this kid for four months and the entire time I have been cutting his slack. There is no more slack left. The very end of the rope just slipped through my fingers.

Maybe it’s the way he will cry and cry and cry until he gets his way. And then when his exasperated mother gives up on whatever the current enterprise is he turns around with this huge grin on his face.

Or maybe it’s the way he instigates things and then his older sisters get yelled at.

Or maybe it’s the way that he full on coughs his nasty mucus-y coughs all over the dinner table.

Or the way he fills the house with constant noise, namely his crying and his shouting.

Or the way he ignores me at home, but whenever someone is visiting or we are out in public then he is hanging on my elbow looking like a little lost lamb. Actually, no, that’s small potatoes. I just ignore him.

Or the way that every meal, every homework assignment is a constant battle, filling the house with his wailing, his crying, and the accompanying yells of his mother, father, grandmother, etc.

Or the way he always takes the best seat at the table, even over this 80 year old great-grandmother, and always insists on serving himself first, even though he refuses to ever eat half of what he takes.

I want to smack this kid so hard. There’s this wave of tightly leased anger that just crashes over me. I contemplate how satisfying it would be to really hurt him. He is just the worst brat I have ever seen. I cannot believe that his family lets him get away with all of this.

Not sure Giorgi is going to be safe with me next semester.

Bad kids at school. Bad kids at home. Just needed to vent a little. And there’s no Georgian CPS, Dad, so I don’t think you can report me. Plus I haven’t done anything. Yet.


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