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My Days Are Numbered

Zoe, my fabulous sister-in-law, told me that I should not neglect blogging in the time until I get back. That is a good word.

So, how do I feel knowing I have only 10 days left in Georgia? Conflicted.

This week has been strange. Prior to getting the word on my airplane ticket I was on pins and needles. Tickets were a disaster when I came to Georgia. I am sure my immediate family can recall that last week in August. Bad. Very bad. I was nervous that it was going to be a repeat experience. And even if I only got word days beforehand, my second worry was whether they would get me back in time for Christmas.

On Tuesday some people starting hearing on their tickets. The 19th. Then the 22nd. The fact that I was not hearing anything and the dates seeming to be going up made me think that maybe I would be flying out on the 23rd maybe? The 24th? Please no. My last name is Van Gundy. Maybe they were booking them alphabetically. Yes, pins and needles. That was how I felt.

Second factor this week has been a nagging case of indigestion. All week it has been a strange affair. If I ate, I felt vaguely nauseous immediately after. If I didn’t eat my stomach seemed to be wrapping itself around my spine. So I would eat. A little. And then I would feel sick. I would swear I would not be fooled into eating again. But then it would be doing back flips and I would give in. And then I’d feel sick. Sigh.

With my eyes fixed on that December 25th spot on the calendar, the week also seemed slow to a . . . . (insert non-cliché here. I can’t think of anything but ‘snail’s pace’). It didn’t help that some of my already scarce classes got cancelled. So I was bored. And slightly ill. With nothing but empty hours in front of me.

My slightly tune-deaf 8th grade students are plunging ahead on a most peculiar rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The girls in 7th class are singing Jingle Bells. We worked for over 45 minutes to get them to stop pausing in the middle of the verse. This was throwing off the students playing the piano and generally making them sound worse than they already do.

But the home life is good. Always good. Mom’s answer to prayer. No complaints. Really. Other than wanting to smack Giorgi. I will truly genuinely miss them. And I will be oh-so-happy to be coming back to them in January. I was a little shocked at how long I will be away. Over 4 weeks. And I will be missing all the best holidays in Georgia. New Year’s, Nestani’s birthday, Christmas, Old New Year, my birthday.

I will miss out on the New Year’s turkey and the Christmas pig. I will not get to eat gozinakhi unless they save me some. I would love to see Tbilisi with all its Christmas lights. And the fireworks in the village on New Year’s. I really feel like I will be missing out on a lot.

I seriously considered staying here for the holidays at one point. But I am a sucker for family and the thought of consciously choosing not to be with the family at Christmas was just too painful. And memories of how un-fun it is to be sitting in a room full of people and being unable to truly communicate with any one of them. Maybe that was the deciding factor. I want to be able to communicate with people. And I can really only do that in English.

So I am looking forward to coming home. Of course. Hugging my family, hugging my cat, eating lots of things dipped in Ranch dressing. And lots of quality coffee with half and half. But I will miss Georgia. And I am glad that I will miss Georgia because that means I will be excited to come back. The break will be good, but I am not ready to be done with this place for good yet.


One thought on “My Days Are Numbered

  1. Natalie Guardino says:

    Amy! How wonderful! Home for Christmas, there just can’t be anything better. I can’t help but imagine you bundled up in your room (layer upon layer of blankets and clothing) smelling fish for Christmas dinner, singing Elvis’ rendition of Blue Christmas had you chosen otherwise!! I hope to see you, but should I not, Merry Christmas!!! ~Natalie

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